Software Defined Radio over CUDA

Marco Ribero
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) – Barcelonatech, Polytechnic of Turin
Polytechnic of Turin, 2015


   title={Software Defined Radio over CUDA: integration of GNU Radio framework with GPGPU},

   author={Ribero, Marco},


   publisher={Universitat Polit{‘e}cnica de Catalunya}


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Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a wireless communication system in which components of transmitters and receivers are mostly implemented by software (filters, mixers, modulators). Thanks to this approach, is possible to implement a single universal radio transceiver, capable of multi-mode and multi-standard wireless communications. These capabilities are very useful for researchers and radio amateur, who can now avoid to buy lot of different transceivers. Commercial equipment get advantages because is possible to adopt a simpler hardware, offering at same time a wide support to different protocols. Existing SDR frameworks usually rely on CPUs or FPGAs. In last years a new powerful processing platform gain attention: the General Purpose GPU implemented on almost every graphic cards. The goal of this project is to allow users to move some operations into the graphic card, taking advantage of both processors, CPU and GPGPU.
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