Performance of GTX Titan X GPUs and Code Optimization

Hwancheol Jeong, Sangbaek Lee, Weonjong Lee, Jeonghwan Pak, Jangho Kim, Juhyun Chung
Lattice Gauge Theory Research Center, CTP, and FPRD, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Seoul, 151-747, South Korea
arXiv:1511.00088 [hep-lat], (31 Oct 2015)


   title={Performance of GTX Titan X GPUs and Code Optimization},

   author={Jeong, Hwancheol and Lee, Sangbaek and Lee, Weonjong and Pak, Jeonghwan and Kim, Jangho and Chung, Juhyun},






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Recently Nvidia has released a new GPU model: GTX Titan X (TX) in a linage of the Maxwell architecture. We use our conjugate gradient code and non-perturbative renormalization code to measure the performance of TX. The results are compared with those of GTX Titan Black (TB) in a lineage of the Kepler architecture. We observe a significant gain in the single and double precision calculations much greater than the theoretical expectation.
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