Testing fine-grained parallelism for the ADMM on a factor-graph

Ning Hao, AmirReza Oghbaee, Mohammad Rostami, Nate Derbinsky, Jose Bento
arXiv:1603.02526 [cs.DC], (8 Mar 2016)


   title={Testing fine-grained parallelism for the ADMM on a factor-graph},

   author={Hao, Ning and Oghbaee, AmirReza and Rostami, Mohammad and Derbinsky, Nate and Bento, Jose},






There is an ongoing effort to develop tools that apply distributed computational resources to tackle large problems or reduce the time to solve them. In this context, the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) arises as a method that can exploit distributed resources like the dual ascent method and has the robustness and improved convergence of the augmented Lagrangian method. Traditional approaches to accelerate the ADMM using multiple cores are problem-specific and often require multi-core programming. By contrast, we propose a problem-independent scheme of accelerating the ADMM that does not require the user to write any parallel code. We show that this scheme, an interpretation of the ADMM as a message-passing algorithm on a factor-graph, can automatically exploit fine-grained parallelism both in GPUs and shared-memory multi-core computers and achieves significant speedup in such diverse application domains as combinatorial optimization, machine learning, and optimal control. Specifically, we obtain 10-18x speedup using a GPU, and 5-9x using multiple CPU cores, over a serial, optimized C-version of the ADMM, which is similar to the typical speedup reported for existing GPU-accelerated libraries, including cuFFT (19x), cuBLAS (17x), and cuRAND (8x).
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