An Implementation of Real-Time Phased Array Radar Fundamental Functions on a DSP-Focused, High-Performance, Embedded Computing Platform

Xining Yu, Yan Zhang, Ankit Patel, Allen Zahrai, Mark Weber
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 3190 Monitor Avenue, Norman, OK 73019, USA
Aerospace, 3(3), 28, 2016


   title={An Implementation of real-time phased array radar fundamental functions on DSP-focused, high performance embedded computing platform},

   author={Yu, Xining and Zhang, Yan and Patel, Ankit and Zahari, Allen and Weber, Mark},

   booktitle={SPIE Defense+ Security},



   organization={International Society for Optics and Photonics}


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This paper investigates the feasibility of a backend design for real-time, multiple-channel processing digital phased array system, particularly for high-performance embedded computing platforms constructed of general purpose digital signal processors. First, we obtained the lab-scale backend performance benchmark from simulating beamforming, pulse compression, and Doppler filtering based on a Micro Telecom Computing Architecture (MTCA) chassis using the Serial RapidIO protocol in backplane communication. Next, a field-scale demonstrator of a multifunctional phased array radar is emulated by using the similar configuration. Interestingly, the performance of a barebones design is compared to that of emerging tools that systematically take advantage of parallelism and multicore capabilities, including the Open Computing Language.
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