Speedup for quantum optimal control from GPU-based automatic differentiation

Nelson Leung, Mohamed Abdelhafez, Jens Koch, David I. Schuster
The James Franck Institute and Department of Physics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60637, USA
arXiv:1612.04929 [quant-ph], (15 Dec 2016)


   title={Speedup for quantum optimal control from GPU-based automatic differentiation},

   author={Leung, Nelson and Abdelhafez, Mohamed and Koch, Jens and Schuster, David I.},






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We implement a quantum optimal control algorithm based on automatic differentiation and harness the acceleration afforded by graphics processing units (GPUs). Automatic differentiation allows us to specify advanced optimization criteria and incorporate them in the optimization process with ease. We demonstrate that the use of GPUs can speed up calculations by more than an order of magnitude. Our strategy facilitates efficient numerical simulations on affordable desktop computers, and exploration of a host of optimization constraints and system parameters relevant to real-life experiments. We demonstrate optimization of quantum evolution based on fine-grained evaluation of performance at each intermediate time step, thus enabling more intricate control on the evolution path, suppression of departures from the truncated model subspace, as well as minimization of the physical time needed to perform high-fidelity state preparation and unitary gates.
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