A GPU-Based Solution to Fast Calculation of Betweenness Centrality on Large Weighted Networks

Rui Fan, Ke Xu, Jichang Zhao
State Key Lab of Software Development Environment, Beihang University
arXiv:1701.05975 [cs.SI], (21 Jan 2017)


   title={A GPU-Based Solution to Fast Calculation of Betweenness Centrality on Large Weighted Networks},

   author={Fan, Rui and Xu, Ke and Zhao, Jichang},






Recent decades have witnessed the tremendous development of network science, which indeed brings a new and insightful language to model real systems of different domains. Betweenness, a widely employed centrality in network science, is a decent proxy in investigating network loads and rankings. However, the extremely high computational cost greatly prevents its applying on large networks. Though several parallel algorithms have been presented to reduce its calculation cost on unweighted networks, a fast solution for weighted networks, which are in fact more ubiquitous than unweighted ones in reality, is still missing. In this study, we develop an efficient parallel GPU-based approach to boost the calculation of betweenness centrality on very large and weighted networks. Comprehensive and systematic evaluations on both synthetic and real-world networks demonstrate that our solution can arrive the performance of 30x to 150x speedup over the CPU implementation by integrating the work-efficient and warp-centric strategies. Our algorithm is completely open-sourced and free to the community and it is public available. Considering the pervasive deployment and declining price of GPU on personal computers and servers, our solution will indeed offer unprecedented opportunities for exploring the betweenness related problems in network science.
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