Load Balancing for Constraint Solving with GPUs

Pedro Roque, Vasco Pedro, Salvador Abreu
Universidade de Evora/LISP
INForum – Simposio de Informatica, 2016


   title={Load balancing for constraint solving with GPUs},

   author={Roque, Pedro and Pedro, Vasco and Abreu, Salvador},



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Solving a complex Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) is a computationally hard task which may require a considerable amount of time. Parallelism has been applied successfully to the job and there are already many applications capable of harnessing the parallel power of modern CPUs to speed up the solving process. Current Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), containing from a few hundred to a few thousand cores, possess a level of parallelism that surpasses that of CPUs and there are much less applications capable of solving CSPs on GPUs, leaving space for further improvement. This paper describes work in progress in the solving of CSPs on GPUs, CPUs and other devices, such as Intel Many Integrated Cores (MICs), in parallel. It presents the gains obtained when applying more devices to solve some problems and the main challenges that must be faced when using devices with as different architectures as CPUs and GPUs, with a greater focus on how to effectively achieve good load balancing between such heterogeneous devices.
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