A Similarity Measure for GPU Kernel Subgraph Matching

Robert V. Lim, Boyana Norris, Allen D. Malony
Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA
arXiv:1707.02423 [cs.DC], (8 Jul 2017)


   title={A Similarity Measure for GPU Kernel Subgraph Matching},

   author={Lim, Robert V. and Norris, Boyana and Malony, Allen D.},






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Accelerator architectures specialize in executing SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) in lockstep. Because the majority of CUDA applications are parallelized loops, control flow information can provide an in-depth characterization of a kernel. CUDAflow is a tool that statically separates CUDA binaries into basic block regions and dynamically measures instruction and basic block frequencies. CUDAflow captures this information in a control flow graph (CFG) and performs subgraph matching across various kernel’s CFGs to gain insights to an application’s resource requirements, based on the shape and traversal of the graph, instruction operations executed and registers allocated, among other information. The utility of CUDAflow is demonstrated with SHOC and Rodinia application case studies on a variety of GPU architectures, revealing novel thread divergence characteristics that facilitates end users, autotuners and compilers in generating high performing code.
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