Auto-tuning Hybrid CPU-GPU Execution of Algorithmic Skeletons in SkePU

Tomas Ohberg
Department of Computer and Information Science, Software and Systems, Linkoping University
Linkoping University, 2018


   title={Auto-tuning Hybrid CPU-GPU Execution of Algorithmic Skeletons in SkePU},

   author={"O}hberg, Tomas},



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The trend in computer architectures has for several years been heterogeneous systems consisting of a regular CPU and at least one additional, specialized processing unit, such as a GPU.The different characteristics of the processing units and the requirement of multiple tools and programming languages makes programming of such systems a challenging task. Although there exist tools for programming each processing unit, utilizing the full potential of a heterogeneous computer still requires specialized implementations involving multiple frameworks and hand-tuning of parameters.To fully exploit the performance of heterogeneous systems for a single computation, hybrid execution is needed, i.e. execution where the workload is distributed between multiple, heterogeneous processing units, working simultaneously on the computation. This thesis presents the implementation of a new hybrid execution backend in the algorithmic skeleton framework SkePU. The skeleton framework already gives programmers a user-friendly interface to algorithmic templates, executable on different hardware using OpenMP, CUDA and OpenCL. With this extension it is now also possible to divide the computational work of the skeletons between multiple processing units, such as between a CPU and a GPU. The results show an improvement in execution time with the hybrid execution implementation for all skeletons in SkePU. It is also shown that the new implementation results in a lower and more predictable execution time compared to a dynamic scheduling approach based on an earlier implementation of hybrid execution in SkePU.
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