GPU Accelerated Keccak (SHA3) Algorithm

Canhui Wang, Xiaowen Chu
Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hongkong, China
arXiv:1902.05320 [cs.DC], (14 Feb 2019)


   title={GPU Accelerated Keccak (SHA3) Algorithm},

   author={Canhui Wang and Xiaowen Chu},






Hash functions like SHA-1 or MD5 are one of the most important cryptographic primitives, especially in the field of information integrity. Considering the fact that increasing methods have been proposed to break these hash algorithms, a competition for a new family of hash functions was held by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Keccak was the winner and selected to be the next generation of hash function standard, named SHA-3. We aim to implement and optimize Batch mode based Keccak algorithms on NVIDIA GPU platform. Our work consider the case of processing multiple hash tasks at once and implement the case on CPU and GPU respectively. Our experimental results show that GPU performance is significantly higher than CPU is the case of processing large batches of small hash tasks.
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