Automated Generation of OpenCL Programs Based on Algebra-Algorithmic Approach

Anatoliy Doroshenko, Oleksii Beketov, Mykola Bondarenko, Olena Yatsenko
Institute of Software Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Glushkov prosp. 40, 03187 Kyiv, Ukraine
15th International Conference on ICT in Education, Research and Industrial Applications, 2019


   title={Automated Generation of OpenCL Programs Based on Algebra-Algorithmic Approach},

   author={Doroshenko, Anatoliy and Beketov, Oleksii and Bondarenko, Mykola and Yatsenko, Olena},



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The paper proposes the further development of algebra-algorithmic design and synthesis tools towards the development of OpenCL programs. The method for semi-automatic parallelization of cyclic operators is proposed. The particular feature of the approach consists in using high-level algebraalgorithmic program specifications (schemes) and rewriting rules technique. The developed tools provide the construction of parallel algorithm schemes by superposition of predefined language constructs of Glushkov’s system of algorithmic algebra, which are considered as reusable components. An algorithm scheme is a basis for the generation of corresponding source code in a target programming language. The approach is illustrated with an example of developing an OpenCL interpolation program used in a numerical weather forecasting. The results of the experiment consisting in executing the generated OpenCL program on a graphics processing unit are given.
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