A GPU based real-time GPS software receiver

Thomas Hobiger, Tadahiro Gotoh, Jun Amagai, Yasuhiro Koyama, Tetsuro Kondo
Space-time Standards Group, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, 184-8795, Tokyo, Japan
GPS Solutions, Volume 14, Number 2, 207-216


   title={A GPU based real-time GPS software receiver},

   author={Hobiger, T. and Gotoh, T. and Amagai, J. and Koyama, Y. and Kondo, T.},

   journal={GPS solutions},








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Off-the-shelf graphics processing units provide low-cost massive parallel computing performance, which can be utilized for the implementation of a GPS software receiver. In order to realize a real-time capable system the crucial stages of the receiver should be optimized to suit the requirements of a parallel processor. Moreover, the receiver should be capable to provide wider correlation functions and provide easy access to the spectral domain of the signals. Thus, the most suitable correlation algorithm, which forms the core part of each receivers should be chosen and implemented on the graphics processor. Since the sampling rate of the received signal limits the real-time capabilities of the software radio it is necessary to determine an optimum value, considering that the precision of the observable varies with sampling bandwidth. We are going to discuss details and present our single frequency multi-channel implementation, which is capable of operating in real-time mode. Our implementation differs from other solutions by the wideness of the correlation function and allows simple handling of data in the spectral domain. Comparison with output from a commercial hardware receiver, which shares the antenna with the software radio, confirms the consistency and accuracy of our development.
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