PySchedCL: Leveraging Concurrency in Heterogeneous Data-Parallel Systems

Anirban Ghose, Siddharth Singh, Vivek Kulaharia, Lokesh Dokara, Srijeeta Maity, Soumyajit Dey
Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Kharagpur
arXiv:2009.07482 [cs.DC], (16 Sep 2020)


   title={PySchedCL: Leveraging Concurrency in Heterogeneous Data-Parallel Systems},

   author={Anirban Ghose and Siddharth Singh and Vivek Kulaharia and Lokesh Dokara and Srijeeta Maity and Soumyajit Dey},






In the past decade, high performance compute capabilities exhibited by heterogeneous GPGPU platforms have led to the popularity of data parallel programming languages such as CUDA and OpenCL. Such languages, however, involve a steep learning curve as well as developing an extensive understanding of the underlying architecture of the compute devices in heterogeneous platforms. This has led to the emergence of several High Performance Computing frameworks which provide high-level abstractions for easing the development of data-parallel applications on heterogeneous platforms. However, the scheduling decisions undertaken by such frameworks only exploit coarse-grained concurrency in data parallel applications. In this paper, we propose PySchedCL, a framework which explores fine-grained concurrency aware scheduling decisions that harness the power of heterogeneous CPU/GPU architectures efficiently. %, a feature which is not provided by existing HPC frameworks. We showcase the efficacy of such scheduling mechanisms over existing coarse-grained dynamic scheduling schemes by conducting extensive experimental evaluations for a Machine Learning based inferencing application.
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