Neville elimination on multi- and many-core systems: OpenMP, MPI and CUDA

P. Alonso, R. Cortina, F. Martinez-Zaldivar, J. Ranilla
Departamento de Matematicas, Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain
The Journal of Supercomputing


   title={Neville elimination on multi-and many-core systems: OpenMP, MPI and CUDA},

   author={Alonso, P. and Cortina, R. and Mart{‘i}nez-Zald{‘i}var, FJ and Ranilla, J.},

   journal={The Journal of Supercomputing},





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This paper describes several parallel algorithmic variations of the Neville elimination. This elimination solves a system of linear equations making zeros in a matrix column by adding to each row an adequate multiple of the preceding one. The parallel algorithms are run and compared on different multi- and many-core platforms using parallel programming techniques as MPI, OpenMP and CUDA.
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