INSTA-YOLO: Real-Time Instance Segmentation

Eslam Mohamed, Abdelrahman Shaker, Hazem Rashed, Ahmad El-Sallab, Mayada Hadhoud
Valeo, Egypt
arXiv:2102.06777 [cs.CV], (12 Feb 2021)


   title={INSTA-YOLO: Real-Time Instance Segmentation},

   author={Eslam Mohamed and Abdelrahman Shaker and Hazem Rashed and Ahmad El-Sallab and Mayada Hadhoud},






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Instance segmentation has gained recently huge attention in various computer vision applications. It aims at providing different IDs to different objects of the scene, even if they belong to the same class. Instance segmentation is usually performed as a two-stage pipeline. First, an object is detected, then semantic segmentation within the detected box area is performed which involves costly up-sampling. In this paper, we propose Insta-YOLO, a novel one-stage end-to-end deep learning model for real-time instance segmentation. Instead of pixel-wise prediction, our model predicts instances as object contours represented by 2D points in Cartesian space. We evaluate our model on three datasets, namely, Carvana,Cityscapes and Airbus. We compare our results to the state-of-the-art models for instance segmentation. The results show our model achieves competitive accuracy in terms of mAP at twice the speed on GTX-1080 GPU.
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