BASEMENT v3: a modular freeware for river process modelling over multiple computational backends

Davide Vanzo, Samuel Peter, Lukas Vonwiller, Matthias Buergler, Manuel Weberndorfer, Annunziato Siviglia, Daniel Conde, David F. Vetsch
Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology. ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland
arXiv:2102.12862 [physics.flu-dyn], (25 Feb 2021)


   title={BASEMENT v3: a modular freeware for river process modelling over multiple computational backends},

   author={Davide Vanzo and Samuel Peter and Lukas Vonwiller and Matthias Buergler and Manuel Weberndorfer and Annunziato Siviglia and Daniel Conde and David F. Vetsch},






Modelling river physical processes is of critical importance for flood protection, river management and restoration of riverine environments. Developments in algorithms and computational power have led to a wider spread of river simulation tools. However, the use of two-dimensional models can still be hindered by complexity in the setup and the high computational costs. Here we present the freeware BASEMENT version 3, a flexible tool for two-dimensional river simulations that bundles solvers for hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and scalar advection-diffusion processes. BASEMENT leverages different computational platforms (multi-core CPUs and graphics processing units GPUs) to enable the simulation of large domains and long-term river processes. The adoption of a fully costless worflow and a light GUI facilitate its broad utilization. We test its robustness and efficiency in a selection of benchmarks. Results confirm that BASEMENT could be an efficient and versatile tool for research, engineering practice and education in river modelling.
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