Computational Fluid Dynamic on GPU

Ting Xingdong, Sen Li
Supercomputing Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
NVIDIA Research Summit, 2010


   title={Computational Fluid Dynamic on GPU},

   author={Ting, Xingdong and Sen, Li}


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Computational Fluid Dynamics, an important branch in HPC field, has a history of seeking and requiring higher computational performance. The traditional way to satisfy this quest is to use faster machines or supercomputers. Yet these approaches seem inconvenient and costly to many individual researchers. We investigated the use of GPU to accelerate CFD codes and tested the performances on CUDA and OpenCL platform. We have ported 2D cave flow, 2D Riemann, and 2D flow over a RAE2882 airfoil to the GPU and explored some GPU-specific optimization strategies. In most cases, approximately 16 to 63 x speed up can be achieved.
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