cuSLINK: Single-linkage Agglomerative Clustering on the GPU

Corey J. Nolet, Divye Gala, Alex Fender, Mahesh Doijade, Joe Eaton, Edward Raff, John Zedlewski, Brad Rees, Tim Oates
NVIDIA, Inc, Santa Clara, CA, USA
arXiv:2306.16354 [cs.LG], (28 Jun 2023)


   title={cuSLINK: Single-linkage Agglomerative Clustering on the GPU},

   author={Corey J. Nolet and Divye Gala and Alex Fender and Mahesh Doijade and Joe Eaton and Edward Raff and John Zedlewski and Brad Rees and Tim Oates},






In this paper, we propose cuSLINK, a novel and state-of-the-art reformulation of the SLINK algorithm on the GPU which requires only O(Nk) space and uses a parameter k to trade off space and time. We also propose a set of novel and reusable building blocks that compose cuSLINK. These building blocks include highly optimized computational patterns for k-NN graph construction, spanning trees, and dendrogram cluster extraction. We show how we used our primitives to implement cuSLINK end-to-end on the GPU, further enabling a wide range of real-world data mining and machine learning applications that were once intractable. In addition to being a primary computational bottleneck in the popular HDBSCAN algorithm, the impact of our end-to-end cuSLINK algorithm spans a large range of important applications, including cluster analysis in social and computer networks, natural language processing, and computer vision. Users can obtain cuSLINK.
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