Bandicoot: C++ Library for GPU Linear Algebra and Scientific Computing

Ryan R. Curtin, Marcus Edel, Conrad Sanderson
Free University of Berlin, Germany


   title={Bandicoot: C++ Library for GPU Linear Algebra and Scientific Computing},

   author={Curtin, Ryan R and Edel, Marcus and Sanderson, Conrad},



This report provides an introduction to the Bandicoot C++ library for GPU linear algebra and scientific computing, detailing its user interface and performance characteristics as well as the technical details of its internal design. Bandicoot is the GPU-enabled counterpart to the well-known Armadillo C++ linear algebra library, aimed at allowing users to enable GPU computation for their existing codebase without significant changes. Adapting the same internal template metaprogramming techniques that Armadillo uses, Bandicoot is able to provide compile-time optimisation of user code and thus can outperform alternative libraries, which is demonstrated by comparisons. The library is ready for production use and is available. Bandicoot is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.
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