An Evaluation of Directive-Based Parallelization on the GPU Using a Parboil Benchmark

Jovan Ðukic, Marko Mišic
School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Electronics, 12, 4555, 2023


   title={An Evaluation of Directive-Based Parallelization on the GPU Using a Parboil Benchmark},

   author={DJ}uki{‘c}, Jovan and Mi{v{s}}i{‘c}, Marko},








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Heterogeneous architectures consisting of both central processing units and graphics processing units are common in contemporary computer systems. For that reason, several programming models have been developed to exploit available parallelism, such as low-level CUDA and OpenCL, and directive-based OpenMP and OpenACC. In this paper we explore and evaluate the applicability of OpenACC, which is a directive-based programming model for GPUs. We focus both on the performance and programming effort needed to parallelize the existing sequential algorithms for GPU execution. The evaluation is based on the benchmark suite Parboil, which consists of 11 different mini-applications from different scientific domains, both compute- and memory-bound. The results show that mini-apps parallelized with OpenACC can achieve significant speedups over sequential implementations and in some cases, even outperform CUDA implementations. Furthermore, there is less of a programming effort compared to low-level models, such as CUDA and OpenCL, because a majority of the work is left to the compiler and overall, the code needs less restructuring.
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