High-order thread-safe lattice Boltzmann model for HPC turbulent flow simulations

Andrea Montessori, Michele La Rocca, Giorgio Amati, Marco Lauricella, Adriano Tiribocchi, Sauro Succi
Department of Civil, Computer Science and Aeronautical Technologies Engineering
arXiv:2401.17074 [physics.flu-dyn], (30 Jan 2024)


   title={High-order thread-safe lattice Boltzmann model for HPC turbulent flow simulations},

   author={Andrea Montessori and Michele La Rocca and Giorgio Amati and Marco Lauricella and Adriano Tiribocchi and Sauro Succi},






We present a highly-optimized thread-safe lattice Boltzmann model in which the non-equilibrium part of the distribution function is locally reconstructed via recursivity of Hermite polynomials. Such a procedure allows the explicit incorporation of non-equilibrium moments of the distribution up to the order supported by the lattice. Thus, the proposed approach increases accuracy and stability at low viscosities without compromising performances and amenability to parallelization with respect to standard lattice Boltzmann models. The high-order thread-safe version, successfully employed here to simulate the flow in a smooth straight channel at Reτ=180 and the axisymmetric turbulent jet at Re=7000, a) achieves peak performances (~5TeraFlop/s and an arithmetic intensity of ~7FLOP/byte on single GPU) by significantly reducing the memory footprint, b) retains the algorithmic simplicity of standard lattice Boltzmann computing and c) allows to perform stable simulations at vanishingly low viscosities. Our findings open attractive prospects for high-performance simulations of realistic turbulent flows on GPU-based architectures. Such expectations are confirmed by the excellent agreement among lattice Boltzmann, experimental, and DNS reference data.
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