pSTL-Bench: A Micro-Benchmark Suite for Assessing Scalability of C++ Parallel STL Implementations

Ruben Laso, Diego Krupitza, Sascha Hunold
Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
arXiv:2402.06384 [cs.DC], (9 Feb 2024)


   title={pSTL-Bench: A Micro-Benchmark Suite for Assessing Scalability of C++ Parallel STL Implementations},

   author={Ruben Laso and Diego Krupitza and Sascha Hunold},






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Since the advent of parallel algorithms in the C++17 Standard Template Library (STL), the STL has become a viable framework for creating performance-portable applications. Given multiple existing implementations of the parallel algorithms, a systematic, quantitative performance comparison is essential for choosing the appropriate implementation for a particular hardware configuration. In this work, we introduce a specialized set of micro-benchmarks to assess the scalability of the parallel algorithms in the STL. By selecting different backends, our micro-benchmarks can be used on multi-core systems and GPUs. Using the suite, in a case study on AMD and Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, we were able to identify substantial performance disparities among different implementations, including GCC+TBB, GCC+HPX, Intel’s compiler with TBB, or NVIDIA’s compiler with OpenMP and CUDA.
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