FEAST – Realisation of hardware-oriented Numerics for HPC simulations with Finite Elements

Stefan Turek, Dominik Goddeke, Christian Becker, Sven H.M. Buijssen, Hilmar Wobker
Angewandte Mathematik und Numerik, TU Dortmund, Germany
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Special Issue: International Supercomputing Conference, Volume 22, Issue 16, pages 2247-2265, November 2010


   author={Stefan Turek and Dominik G{“o}ddeke and Christian Becker and Sven H.M. Buijssen and Hilmar Wobker},

   title={FEAST} — {R}ealisation of hardware-oriented Numerics for {HPC} simulations with Finite Elements},

   journal={Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Expecience},






   note={Special Issue Proceedings of ISC 2008},



FEAST (Finite Element Analysis & Solutions Tools) is a Finite Element based solver toolkit for the simulation of PDE problems on parallel HPC systems which implements the concept of “hardware-oriented numerics”, a holistic approach aiming at optimal performance for modern numerics. In this paper, we describe this concept and the modular design which enables applications built on top of FEAST to execute efficiently, without any code modifications, on commodity based clusters, the NEC SX 8 and GPU-accelerated clusters. We demonstrate good performance and weak and strong scalability for the prototypical Poisson problem and more challenging applications from solid mechanics and fluid dynamics.
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