GPU-friendly shape interpolation based on trajectory warping

Lu Chen, Jin Huang, Hongxin Zhang, Wei Hua
State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Special Issue: CASA’ 2011 Special Issue, Volume 22, Issue 2-3, pages 285-294, April – May 2011


   title={GPU-Friendly Shape Interpolation Based on Trajectory Warping},

   author={Chen, L. and Huang, J. and Zhang, H. and Hua, W.},

   booktitle={Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds},



   publisher={Wiley Online Library}


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In this paper, we propose a GPU-friendly shape interpolation method. In contrast with state-of-the-art interpolation algorithms, our method computes the trajectory of each vertex independently instead of solving large linear systems in every interpolation step. Given two poses being interpolated, we find trajectory parameters for each vertex by optimization with the consideration of the key pose reconstruction and as-rigid-as-possible deformation in the pre-computing stage. During run-time, the vertices coordinates on the intermediate shape can be computed in parallel according to a close form formulation. In the results we demonstrate that our method achieves extremely high performance on modern GPU and can be extended easily to multi-pose interpolation.
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