Serpent encryption algorithm implementation on Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

Anas Mohd Nazlee, Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, Noohul Basheer Zain Ali
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, 31750, Perak, Malaysia
IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development (SCOReD), 2009


   title={Serpent Encryption Algorithm Implementation on Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)},

   author={Nazlee, A.M. and Hussin, F.A. and Ali, N.B.Z.},

   booktitle={Research and Development (SCOReD), 2009 IEEE Student Conference on},




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CUDA is a platform developed by Nvidia for general purpose computing on Graphic Processing Unit to utilize the parallelism capabilities. Serpent encryption is considered to have high security margin as its advantage; however it lacks in speed as its disadvantage. We present a methodology for the transformation of CPU-based implementation of Serpent encryption algorithm (in C language) on CUDA to take advantage of CUDA’s parallel processing capability. The proposed methodology could be used to quickly port a CPU-based algorithm for a quick gain in performance. Further tweaking, as described in this paper through the use of a profiler, would further increase the performance gain. Result based on the integration of multiple block encryption in parallel shows throughput performance of up to 100 MB/s or more than 7X performance gain.
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