Real-Time Rendering Algorithm for Virtual Endoscopy Based on GPU

Shi Weili, Miao Yu, Xu Honghua, Tian Yinghua, Zhang Xiaohan
Changchun Univ. of Sci. & Technol., Changchun, China
International Conference on E-Product E-Service and E-Entertainment (ICEEE), 2010


   title={Real-Time Rendering Algorithm for Virtual Endoscopy Based on GPU},

   author={Shi, W. and Miao, Y. and Xu, H. and Tian, Y. and Zhang, X.},

   booktitle={E-Product E-Service and E-Entertainment (ICEEE), 2010 International Conference on},




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In this paper, we introduce a new real-time rendering algorithm for virtual endoscopy based on GPU. The algorithm reduces the amount of data collected by the Image Memory without affecting 3-D image display accuracy. And it can be applied to compute any complex ray-generation and rendering clips in the volume rendering, making use of GPU’s power of parallel computation computing and multi-data processing. Experimental results show that for the image of CT(512x512x355), this algorithm can achieve 30 frames / sec or better rendering speed without affecting the resolution of the image.
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