Visualisation of Physical Lung Simulation: an Interactive Application to Assist Physicians

Pierre-Frederic Villard, Gabriel Fournier, Michael Beuve, Behzad Shariat
LIRIS, bat Nautibus, 8 bd Niels Bohr, 69622 Villeurbanne CEDEX, France
International Conference on Medical Information Visualisation – BioMedical Visualisation, 2006. MediVis 2006


   title={Visualisation of Physical Lung Simulation: an Interactive Application to Assist Physicians},

   author={Villard, P. and Fournier, G. and Beuve, M. and Shariat, B.},

   booktitle={Medical Information Visualisation-BioMedical Visualisation, 2006. MediVis 2006. International Conference on},





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Radiation therapy of cancer necessitates accurate tumour targeting. Unfortunately, during the treatment the tumour and the related organs can undergo large displacement and deformation. Physicians need an estimation of these movements, for an adapted therapy. In this paper, we propose a methodology to provide physicians with reconstructed 4D (3D+time) CT scans, considered as essential data. Moreover we propose an interactive visualisation tool, permitting the exploration of reconstructed 4D CT scans as well as the generation of new CT scan sections in any direction of the 3D space.
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