A straightforward CUDA implementation for interactive ray-tracing

Brian C. Budge, John C. Anderson, Christoph Garth, Kenneth I. Joy
University of California, Davis, CA
IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2008. RT 2008


   title={A straightforward CUDA implementation for interactive ray-tracing},

   author={Budge, B.C. and Anderson, J.C. and Garth, C. and Joy, K.I.},

   booktitle={Interactive Ray Tracing, 2008. RT 2008. IEEE Symposium on},





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In recent years, applying the powerful computational resources delivered by modern GPUs to ray tracing has resulted in a number of ray tracing implementations that allow rendering of moderately sized scenes at interactive speeds. In our poster, we present a fast implementation for ray tracing with CUDA. We describe an optimized GPU-based ray tracing approach within the CUDA framework that does not explicitly make use of ray coherency or architectural specifics and is therefore simple to implement, while still exceeding performance of previously presented approaches. Optimal performance is achieved by empirically tuning the ray tracing kernel to the executing hardware. We describe our implementation in detail and provide a performance analysis and comparison to prior work.
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