Arbitrary dimension Reed-Solomon coding and decoding for extended RAID on GPUs

Matthew L. Curry, Anthony Skjellum, H. Lee Ward, Ron Brightwell
Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1300 University Blvd, Rm 115A, Birmingham, AL 35294-1170
3rd Petascale Data Storage Workshop, 2008. PDSW ’08


   title={Arbitrary dimension reed-solomon coding and decoding for extended raid on gpus},

   author={Curry, M.L. and Skjellum, A. and Ward, H.L. and Brightwell, R.},

   booktitle={Petascale Data Storage Workshop, 2008. PDSW’08. 3rd},





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Reed-Solomon coding is a method of generating arbitrary amounts of checksum information from original data via matrix-vector multiplication in finite fields. Previous work has shown that CPUs are not well-matched to this type of computation, but recent graphical processing units (GPUs) have been shown through a case study to perform this encoding quickly for the 3 + 3 (three data + three parity) case. In order to be utilized in a true RAID-like system, it is important to understand how well this computation can scale in the number of data disks supported. This paper details the performance of a general Reed-Solomon encoding and decoding library that is suitable for use in RAID-like systems. Both generation and recovery are performance-tested and discussed.
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