A High Quality Reflectance Model in Medical Image Visualization

Yunpeng Zou, Jun Zhang, Xiaoming Han, Yan Kang
Sch. of BMIE, Northeastern Univ., Shenyang, China
4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE), 2010


   title={A High Quality Reflectance Model in Medical Image Visualization},

   author={Zou, Y. and Zhang, J. and Han, X. and Kang, Y.},

   booktitle={Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE), 2010 4th International Conference on},





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The medical image visualization can help the doctor easy to diagnose, and the better quality can help doctor much more. The reflectance model is the key factor to make the quality better. Be enslaved to the computing power of CPU and GPU, some complicated reflectance models have not been used in medical visualization, the simple reflectance model-Phong model been used prevalently. With the growing computing power of GPU, this paper gives an improved reflectance model based on the Cook-Torrance reflectance model, which can render good quality in medical image visualization, and the velocity is 4 to 6 fps, that meet the real time rendering requirement. This reflectance model is a practical model for medical image visualization.
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