Automatic CPU-GPU communication management and optimization

Thomas B. Jablin, Prakash Prabhu, James A. Jablin, Nick P. Johnson, Stephen R. Beard, David I. August
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Proceedings of the 32nd ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming language design and implementation, PLDI ’11, 2011


   title={Automatic CPU-GPU communication management and optimization},

   author={Jablin, T.B. and Prabhu, P. and Jablin, J.A. and Johnson, N.P. and Beard, S.R. and August, D.I.},

   booktitle={Proceedings of the 32nd ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming language design and implementation},





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The performance benefits of GPU parallelism can be enormous, but unlocking this performance potential is challenging. The applicability and performance of GPU parallelizations is limited by the complexities of CPU-GPU communication. To address these communications problems, this paper presents the first fully automatic system for managing and optimizing CPU-GPU communcation. This system, called the CPU-GPU Communication Manager (CGCM), consists of a run-time library and a set of compiler transformations that work together to manage and optimize CPU-GPU communication without depending on the strength of static compile-time analyses or on programmer-supplied annotations. CGCM eases manual GPU parallelizations and improves the applicability and performance of automatic GPU parallelizations. For 24 programs, CGCM-enabled automatic GPU parallelization yields a whole program geomean speedup of 5.36x over the best sequential CPU-only execution.
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