Heterogeneous multicore parallel programming for graphics processing units

Francois Bodin, Stephane Bihan
CAPS entreprise, 4 allee Marie Berhaut, 35000 Rennes, France
Scientific Programming, Volume 17, Number 4, 2009


   title={Heterogeneous multicore parallel programming for graphics processing units},

   author={Bodin, F. and Bihan, S.},

   journal={Scientific Programming},





   publisher={IOS Press}


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Hybrid parallel multicore architectures based on graphics processing units (GPUs) can provide tremendous computing power. Current NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Product Group hardware display a peak performance of hundreds of gigaflops. However, exploiting GPUs from existing applications is a difficult task that requires non-portable rewriting of the code. In this paper, we present HMPP, a Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Programming workbench with compilers, developed by CAPS entreprise, that allows the integration of heterogeneous hardware accelerators in a unintrusive manner while preserving the legacy code.
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