Reflective Shadow Map Clustering for Real-Time Global Illumination

Roman Prutkin, Anton Kaplanyan, Carsten Dachsbacher
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany


   title={Reflective Shadow Map Clustering for Real-Time Global Illumination},

   author={Prutkin, R. and Kaplanyan, A. and Dachsbacher, C.},



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We present a method for real-time clustering of VPLs obtained from Reflective Shadow Maps (RSM). The clusters are treated as area light sources and used to approximate indirect illumination. The spatial extent of a cluster is used to deduce the shape and size of the respective area light source. Our method is fully GPU-based and avoids flickering by temporally coherent reinitialization of the clustering. It also incorporates importance sampling for view-dependent clustering. We show visually indistinguishable results of indirect illumination with only a fraction of secondary light sources.
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