Fast and accurate digital signal processing realized with GPGPU technology

Adam Dabrowski, Pawel Pawlowski, Mateusz Stankiewicz, Filip Misiorek
Poznan University of Technology, Department of Computing, Division of Signal Processing and Electronic Systems
Electrical Review 6, 2012


   title={Fast and accurate digital signal processing realized with GPGPU technology},

   author={D{k{A}}BROWSKI, A. and PAW{L}OWSKI, P. and STANKIEWICZ, M. and MISIOREK, F.},



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An idea of the so-called quasi-maximum accuracy computations for improvement of precision of the floating-point digital signal processing with graphic processing units (GPUs) is presented in this paper. In the presented approach, the increase of the precision of computations does not need any increase of the length of the data words. Special attention has been paid to efficiency and precision of computations. The maximum accuracy has been analyzed and technically realized with no additional costs in hardware and computation time.
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