ab-Stream: A Framework for programming Many-core

Xinbiao Gan, Zhiying Wang, Li Shen, Qi Zhu
State Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, China
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny (Electrical Review), R. 88 NR 7b, 2012


   title={ab-Stream: A Framework for programming Many-core},

   author={GAN, X. and WANG, Z. and SHEN, L. and ZHU, Q.},



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The common approach to program many-core processor is to write processor-specific code with low level APIs for different processors, which could achieve good performance but would result in serious portability issues: programmers are required to write a specific version code for target architecture. Therefore, we present ab-Stream, an extensible framework for programming many-threaded processor based on SUIF Intermediate Representation. ab-Stream abstracts many-core many-threaded processor into a unified architecture and ab-Stream program is an OpenMP-like program with different directives for many-core processor. Furthermore, a prototype of ab-Stream was implemented to map ab-Stream programs into many-core GPU. Experiments show that our implementation can execute transformed code correctly and efficiently on CUDA-enabled GPUs. Furthermore, performance of ab-Stream version code produced by our prototype can outperform original GPU code and is close to handoptimized GPU code.
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