Solving the Flexible Job Shop Problem on Multi-GPU

Wojciech Bozejko, Zdzilaw Hejducki, Mariusz Uchronski, Mieczyslaw Wodecki
Institute of Computer Engineering, Control and Robotics Wroclaw University of Technology Janiszewskiego 11-17, 50-372 Wroclaw, Poland
Procedia Computer Science, Volume 9, Pages 2020-2023, 2012


   title={Solving the Flexible Job Shop Problem on Multi-GPU},

   author={Bozejko, W. and Hejducki, Z. and Uchronski, M. and Wodecki, M.},



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We propose the new framework of the distributed tabu search metaheuristic designed to be executed using a multi-GPU cluster, i.e. cluster of nodes equipped with GPU computing units. We propose a hybrid single-walk parallelization of the tabu search, where hybridization consists in examining a number of solutions from a neighborhood concurrently by several GPUs (multi-GPU). The methodology is designed to solve the flexible job shop scheduling problem, diffcult problem of discrete optimization.
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