GPU Ray Tracing – Comparative Study of Ray-Triangle Intersection Algorithms

Vladimir Shumskiy, Alexandre Parshin
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Air Graphics
GraphiCon, 2012


   title={GPU Ray Tracing–Comparative Study of Ray-Triangle Intersection Algorithms},

   author={Shumskiy, V. and Parshin, A.},



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We present a comparative study of GPU ray tracing implemented for two different types of ray-triangle intersection algorithms used with BVH (Bounding Volume Hierarchy) spatial data structure evaluated for performance on three static scenes. We study how number of triangles placed in a BVH leaf node affects rendering performance. We propose GPU-optimized SIMD ray-triangle intersection method evaluated on GPU for path-tracing and compare it’s performance with plain Moller-Trumbore and Unit Triangle intersection methods.
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