Track finding in ATLAS using GPUs

J. Mattmann and C. Schmitt
Institut fur Physik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Staudingerweg 7, D – 55128 Mainz
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 396 (2012) 022035, 2012


   author={J Mattmann and C Schmitt},

   title={Track finding in ATLAS using GPUs},

   journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},







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The reconstruction and simulation of collision events is a major task in modern HEP experiments involving several ten thousands of standard CPUs. On the other hand the graphics processors (GPUs) have become much more powerful and are by far outperforming the standard CPUs in terms of floating point operations due to their massive parallel approach. The usage of these GPUs could therefore significantly reduce the overall reconstruction time per event or allow for the usage of more sophisticated algorithms. In this paper the track finding in the ATLAS experiment will be used as an example on how the GPUs can be used in this context: the implementation on the GPU requires a change in the algorithmic flow to allow the code to work in the rather limited environment on the GPU in terms of memory, cache, and transfer speed from and to the GPU and to make use of the massive parallel computation. Both, the specific implementation of parts of the ATLAS track reconstruction chain and the performance improvements obtained will be discussed.
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