Accelerating Fast Fourier Transforms Using Hadoop and CUDA

Rostislav Tsiomenko, Bradley S. Rees
SAIC, Columbia, Md., USA
The 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS’13), 2013


   title={Accelerating Fast Fourier Transforms Using Hadoop{textregistered} and CUDA{textregistered}},

   author={Tsiomenko, R. and Rees, B.S.},



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There has been considerable research into improving Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) performance through parallelization and optimization for specialized hardware. However, even with those advancements, processing of very large files, over 1TB in size, still remains prohibitively slow. Analysts performing signal processing are forced to wait hours or days for results, which results in a disruption of their workflow and a decrease in productivity. In this paper we present a unique approach that not only parallelizes the workload over multicores, but distributes the problem over a cluster of graphics processing unit (GPU)-equipped servers. By utilizing Hadoop (The Apache Software Foundation) and CUDA (NVIDIA Corporation), we can take advantage of inexpensive servers while still exceeding the processing power of a dedicated supercomputer, as demonstrated in our result using Amazon EC2 (Amazon Technologies, Inc.).
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