Efficient GPU-Based Texture Interpolation using Uniform B-Splines

Daniel Ruijters,Bart ter Haar Romeny,Paul Suetens
Philips Healthcare
Journal of Graphics, GPU, and Game Tools, Vol. 13, No. 4. (1 January 2008), pp. 61-69


   title={Efficient GPU-based texture interpolation using uniform B-splines},

   author={Ruijters, D. and ter Haar Romeny, B.M. and Suetens, P.},

   journal={Journal of Graphics, GPU, & Game Tools},





   publisher={AK Peters}


This article presents uniform B-spline interpolation, completely contained on the graphics processing unit (GPU). This implies that the CPU does not need to compute any lookup tables or B-spline basis functions. The cubic interpolation can be decomposed into several linear interpolations [Sigg and Hadwiger 05], which are hard-wired on the GPU and therefore very fast. Here it is demonstrated that the cubic B-spline basis function can be evaluated in a short piece of GPU code without any conditional statements. Source code is available online.
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