Parallel For Loops on Heterogeneous Resources

Frederick Edward Weber
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, 2012


   title={Parallel For Loops on Heterogeneous Resources},

   author={Weber, Frederick Edward},



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In recent years, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have piqued the interest of researchers in scientific computing. Their immense floating point throughput and massive parallelism make them ideal for not just graphical applications, but many general algorithms as well. Load balancing applications and taking advantage of all computational resources in a machine is a difficult challenge, especially when the resources are heterogeneous. This dissertation presents the clUtil library, which vastly simplifies developing OpenCL applications for heterogeneous systems. The core focus of this dissertation lies in clUtil’s ParallelFor construct and our novel PINA scheduler which can efficiently load balance work onto multiple GPUs and CPUs simultaneously.
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