Parallel implementation of the wideband DOA algorithm on single core, multicore, GPU and IBM cell BE processor

Mohammad Wadood Majid, Todd E. Schmuland, Mohsin M. Jamali
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
Science Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 2(2) : 29-36, 2013


   title={Parallel implementation of the wideband DOA algorithm on single core, multicore, GPU and IBM cell BE processor},

   author={Majid, Mohammad Wadood and Schmuland, Todd E and Jamali, Mohsin M},



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The Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) algorithm is a powerful technique for determining the Direction of Arrival (DOA) of signals impinging on an antenna array.The algorithm is serial based, mathematically intensive, and requires substantial computing power to realize in real-time.Recently, multi-core processors are becoming more prevalent and affordable.The challenge of adapting existing serial based algorithms to parallel based algorithms suitable for today’s multi-core processors is daunting. DOA algorithm has been implemented on Multicore (Intel Nehalem Quad Core), NVIDIA’s GPU GeForce GTX 260, and IBM Cell Broadband Engine Processor. This is in an effort to use DOA for real time applications. The DOA algorithm has been parallelized, partitioned, mapped, and scheduled on Multi-Core, GPU, and IBM Cell BE processor.The parallel algorithm is developed in C# for Intel Nehalem Quad Core, a combination of C and CUDA for GPU, and C++ for IBM Cell processor. The algorithm has also been implemented on single core for comparison purposes. Wideband DOA algorithm is implemented assuming 16 and 4 sensors using Uniform Linear Array (ULA).
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