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A framework for efficient and scalable execution of domain-specific templates on GPUs Download

A framework for efficient execution on GPU and CPU+GPU systems Download

A framework for exploring numerical solutions of advection-reaction-diffusion equations using a GPU-based approach Download

A Framework for Fast and Efficient Neural Network Compression Download

A Framework for General Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on GPUs and Heterogeneous Processors Download Package

A Framework for Genetic Algorithms in Parallel Environments Download

A framework for GPU-based application-independent 3D interactions Download

A framework for lab-based real-time video analysis on distributed camera networks

A Framework for Lattice QCD Calculations on GPUs Download

A Framework for Management of Distributed Data Processing and Event Selection for the Icecube Neutrino Observatory Download

A Framework for Megascale Agent Based Model Simulations on Graphics Processing Units Download

A Framework for Megascale Agent Based Model Simulations on the GPU Download

A Framework for multisensor image fusion using graphics hardware Download

A framework for network traffic analysis using GPUs Download

A framework for parallel unstructured grid applications on GPUs Download Package

A Framework for Productive, Efficient and Portable Parallel Computing Download Package

A Framework for Profiling and Performance Monitoring of Heterogeneous Applications Download

A framework for simulating and estimating the state and functional topology of complex dynamic geometric networks Download Package

A Framework for the Volumetric Integration of Depth Images Download

A Framework for Transparent Execution of Massively-Parallel Applications on CUDA and OpenCL Download

A framework for volume segmentation and visualization using Augmented Reality Download

A Framework of Large-Scale Terrain Visualization Based on GPU

A Framework to Generate High-Performance Time-stepped Agent-based Simulations on Heterogeneous Hardware Download

A framework to implement a multifrontal scheme on GPU architectures with OpenCL Download

A Full-Depth Amalgamated Parallel 3D Geometric Multigrid Solver for GPU Clusters Download

A fully parallel, high precision, N-body code running on hybrid computing platforms Download Package

A GaBP-GPU Algorithm of Solving Large-Scale Sparse Linear Systems Download

A Game Architecture Based on Multiple GPUs With Energy Management Download

A game loop architecture for the GPU used as a math coprocessor in real-time applications

A Gb/s Parallel Block-based Viterbi Decoder for Convolutional Codes on GPU Download

A GEMM interface and implementation on NVIDIA GPUs for multiple small matrices Download

A General Framework for Constrained Bayesian Optimization using Information-based Search Download Package

A general relativistic evolution code on CUDA architectures Download

A general tridiagonal solver for coprocessors: Adapting g-Spike for the Intel Xeon Phi Download

A General-Purpose GPU Reservoir Computer Download

A generalized GPU-based connected component labeling algorithm Download

A Generic and Scalable Pipeline for GPU Tetrahedral Grid Rendering Download

A Generic Approach for Developing Highly Scalable Particle-Mesh Codes for GPUs Download

A Generic Approach to Topic Models Download

A Generic Inverted Index Framework for Similarity Search on the GPU Download Package

A Generic Library for Stencil Computations Download

A generic library for structured real-time computations: GPU implementation applied to retinal and cortical vision processes Download Package

A GPGPU based program to solve the TDSE in intense laser fields through the finite difference approach Download

A GPGPU compiler for memory optimization and parallelism management Download Package

A GPGPU Implementation of Approximate String Matching with Regular Expression Operators and Comparison with Its FPGA Implementation Download

A GPGPU solution of the FMM near interactions for acoustic scattering problems

A GPGPU Transparent Virtualization Component for High Performance Computing Clouds Package

A GPGPU-Based Collision Detection Algorithm

A GPGPU-based Pipeline for Accelerated Rendering of Point Clouds Download

A GPU Accelerated Aggregation Algebraic Multigrid Method Download

A GPU accelerated algorithm for 3D Delaunay triangulation Download Package

A GPU Accelerated Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Based Image Super-Resolution

A GPU accelerated Barnes-Hut Tree Code for FLASH4 Download Package

A GPU Accelerated BiConjugate Gradient Stabilized Solver for Speeding-up Large Scale Model Evaluation Download

A GPU Accelerated Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Model Download

A GPU Accelerated High Performance Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Grid Computing Based Virtual Environmental Laboratory Download

A GPU accelerated interactive interface for exploratory functional connectivity analysis of fMRI data Download

A GPU Accelerated Navier-Stokes Solver with Multi-level Granularity for Solving Sparse Implicit Systems Download

A GPU Accelerated Simulator for CO2 Storage Download

A GPU accelerated spring mass system for surgical simulation Download

A GPU accelerated storage system Download

A GPU Accelerated Volumetric Ray Tracer for Incandescent Gas Download

A GPU acceleration for FFT-based fast solvers for the integral equation

A GPU Algorithm for 3D Convex Hull Download

A GPU Algorithm for Greedy Graph Matching Download Package

A GPU Algorithm for IC Floorplanning: Specification, Analysis and Optimization

A GPU approach to FDTD for Radio Coverage Prediction Download

A GPU Approach to Fortran Legacy Systems Download

A GPU approach to parallel replica-exchange polymer simulations Download

A GPU Based 3D Object Retrieval Approach Using Spatial Shape Information

A GPU based Algorithm for Determining the Optimal Cutting Direction in Deep Mold Machining

A GPU based implementation of Center-Surround Distribution Distance for feature extraction and matching Download

A GPU Based Implementation of Side Effect Analysis Download

A GPU based interactive modeling approach to designing fine level features

A GPU Based Memory Optimized Parallel Method For FFT Implementation Download

A GPU based Parallel Hierarchical Fuzzy ART Clustering Download

A GPU based real-time GPS software receiver

A GPU based real-time software correlation system for the Murchison Widefield Array prototype Download

A GPU based real-time video compression method for video conferencing Download

A GPU based saliency map for high-fidelity selective rendering Download

A GPU cluster optimized multigrid scheme for computing unsteady incompressible fluid flow Download

A GPU framework for parallel segmentation of volumetric images using discrete deformable model Download

A GPU framework for parallel segmentation of volumetric images using discrete deformable models Download

A GPU Framework for Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Download

A GPU Framework for the Visualization and On-the-Fly Amplification of Real Terrains Download

A GPU implementation for improved granular simulations with LAMMPS Download

A GPU implementation for LBG and SOM training

A GPU implementation for two MIMO-OFDM detectors

A GPU Implementation for Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Modeling Download

A GPU Implementation of a Jacobi Method for Lattice Basis Reduction Download

A GPU implementation of a real-time MIMO detector Download

A GPU implementation of a track-repeating algorithm for proton radiotherapy dose calculations Download

A GPU Implementation of Dynamic Programming for the Optimal Polygon Triangulation Download

A GPU implementation of EGSnrc’s Monte Carlo photon transport for imaging applications Download

A GPU Implementation of Fast Parallel Markov Clustering in Bioinformatics Using EllPACK-R Sparse Data Format

A GPU Implementation of Inclusion-based Points-to Analysis Download Package

A GPU Implementation of Large Neighborhood Search for Solving Constraint Optimization Problems Download

A GPU Implementation of Local Search Operators for Symmetric Travelling Salesman Problem Download

A GPU implementation of massively parallel direction splitting for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations Download

A GPU Implementation of Parallel Constraint-based Local Search Download


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