Overtaking CPU DBMSes with a GPU in Whole-Query Analytic Processing with Parallelism-Friendly Execution Plan Optimization

Adnan Agbaria, David Minor, Natan Peterfruend, Eyal Rozenberg, Ofer Rosenberg, Roman Talyansky
Seventh International Workshop on Accelerating Analytics and Data Management Systems Using Modern Processor and Storage Architectures (ADMS), 2016


   title={Overtaking CPU DBMSes with a GPU in Whole-Query Analytic Processing with Parallelism-Friendly Execution Plan Optimization},

   author={Agbaria, Adnan and Minor, David and Peterfruend, Natan and Rozenberg, Eyal and Rosenberg, Ofer and Talyansky, Roman},



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Existing work on accelerating analytic DB query processing with (discrete) GPUs fails to fully realize their potential for speedup through parallelism: Published results do not achieve significant speedup over more performant CPU-only DBMSes when processing complete queries. This paper presents a successful e!ort to better meet this challenge, in the form of a proof-of-concept query processing framework. The framework constitutes a graft onto an existing DBMS, altering some parts of it and replacing its execution engine entirely. It intensively refactors query execution plans, making them better-parallelizable, before executing them on either a CPU or on GPU. This results in a significant speedup even on a CPU, and a further speedup when using a GPU, over the chosen host DBMS (MonetDB) – which itself already bests most published results utilizing a GPU for query processing. Finally, we outline some concrete future improvements on our results which can cut processing time by half and possibly much more.
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