Expanding the VPE-qGM Environment Towards a Parallel Quantum Simulation of Quantum Processes Using GPUs

Adriano Maron, Renata Reiser, Mauricio Pilla, Adenauer Yamin
Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
CLEI Electronic Journal, Volume 16, Number 3, Paper 03, 2013


   title={Expanding the VPE-qGM Environment Towards a Parallel Quantum Simulation of Quantum Processes Using GPUs},

   author={Maron, Adriano and Reiser, Renata and Pilla, Mauricio and Yamin, Adenauer},






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Quantum computing proposes quantum algorithms exponentially faster than their classical analogues when executed by a quantum computer. As quantum computers are currently unavailable for general use, one approach for analyzing the behavior and results of such algorithms is the simulation using classical computers. As this simulation is inefficient due to the exponential growth of the temporal and spatial complexities, solutions for these two problems are essential in order to increase the simulation capabilities of any simulator. This work proposes the development of a methodology defined by two main steps: the first consists of the sequential implementation of the abstractions corresponding to the Quantum Processes and Quantum Partial Processes defined in the qGM model for reduction in memory consumption related to multidimensional quantum transformations; the second is the parallel implementation of such abstractions allowing its execution on GPUs. The results obtained by this work embrace the sequential simulation of controlled transformations up to 24 qubits. In the parallel simulation approach, Hadamard gates up to 20 qubits were simulated with a speedup of ~50x over an 8-core parallel simulation, which is a significant performance improvement in the VPE-qGM environment when compared with its previous limitations.
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