A New High Performance GPU-based Approach to Prime Numbers Generation

A. Nezarat, M.M. Raja, G. Dastghaybifard
Department of Computer, Payame Noor University; Computer Department, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
World Applied Programming, Volume 5 – Issue 1, Pages 1-7, 2015


   title={Exploiting GPUs to investigate an inversion method that retrieves cardiac conductivities from potential measurements},

   author={Johnston, Barbara and Barnes, Josef},

   journal={World Applied Programming},





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SIMD Parallelization is one of the most useful ways of decreasing the computation time and increases the performance of computation intensive algorithms. To do such process, we could execute some processes on several machines by using different platforms like MPI, OpenMP and distribute the workload by using message passing and shared memory. One of the most popular and high performance methods is using an array of graphical processors (GPU) which is used in this paper to present a new technique to save data and do computation by overclocking sieve algorithm make use of CUDA coding. This method shows a good performance upgrade in computation time and memory usage on generating prime numbers in compare with CPU handling.
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