A Survey of Methods For Analyzing and Improving GPU Energy Efficiency

Sparsh Mittal, Jeffrey S. Vetter
Iowa State University
arXiv:1404.4629 [cs.AR], (17 Apr 2014)


   author={Mittal, Sparsh and Vetter, Jeffrey S.},

   title={A Survey of Methods For Analyzing and Improving GPU Energy Efficiency},

   journal={ArXiv e-prints},




   keywords={Hardware Architecture},




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Recent years have witnessed a phenomenal growth in the computational capabilities and applications of GPUs. However, this trend has also led to dramatic increase in their power consumption. This paper surveys research works on analyzing and improving energy efficiency of GPUs. It also provides a classification of these techniques on the basis of their main research idea. Further, it attempts to synthesize research works which compare energy efficiency of GPUs with other computing systems, e.g. FPGAs and CPUs. The aim of this survey is to provide researchers with knowledge of state-of-the-art in GPU power management and motivate them to architect highly energy-efficient GPUs of tomorrow.
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