Graphics Hardware-Based Level-Set Method for Interactive Segmentation and Visualization

Helen Hong, Seongjin Park
Division of Multimedia Engineering, College of Information and Media, Seoul Womens University, 126 Gongreung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-774 Korea
Computational Science ICCS 2007 (2007), pp. 9-16.


   title={Graphics Hardware-Based Level-Set Method for Interactive Segmentation and Visualization},

   author={Hong, H. and Park, S.},

   journal={Computational Science–ICCS 2007},





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This paper presents an efficient graphics hardware-based method to segment and visualize level-set surfaces as interactive rates. Our method is composed of memory manager, level-set solver, and volume renderer. The memory manager which performs in CPU generates page table, inverse page table and available page stack as well as process the activation and inactivation of pages. The level-set solver computes only voxels near the iso-surface. To run efficiently on GPUs, volume is decomposed into a set of small pages. Only those pages with non-zero derivatives are stored on GPU. These active pages are packed into a large 2D texture. The level-set partial differential equation (PDE) is computed directly on this packed format. The memory manager is used to help managing the packing of the active data. The volume renderer performs volume rendering of the original data simultaneouly with the evo-lving level set in GPU. Experimental results using two chest CT datasets show that our graphics hardware-based level-set method is much faster than software-based one.
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