Faster across the PCIe bus: A GPU library for lightweight decompression

Eyal Rozenberg, Peter Boncz
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam
DaMoN, 2017


   title={Faster across the PCIe bus: A GPU library for lightweight decompression},

   author={Rozenberg, Eyal and Boncz, Peter},



This short paper present a collection of GPU lightweight decompression algorithms implementations within a FOSS library, Giddy – the first to be published to offer such function-ality. As the use of compression is important in ameliorating PCIe data transfer bottlenecks, we believe this library and its constituent implementations can serve as useful building blocks in GPU-accelerated DBMSes – as well as other data-intensive systems. The paper also includes an initial exploration of GPU-oriented patched compression schemes. Patching makes compression ratio robust against outliers, and is important with real-life data, which (in contrast to many synthetic benchmark datasets) exhibits non-uniform data distributions and noise. An experimental evaluation of both the unpatched and the patched schemes in Giddy is included.
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