Comprehensive Optimization of Parametric Kernels for Graphics Processing Units

Xiaohui Chen, Marc Moreno-Maza, Jeeva Paudel, Ning Xie
arXiv:1801.04348 [cs.DC], (12 Jan 2018)


   title={Comprehensive Optimization of Parametric Kernels for Graphics Processing Units},

   author={Chen, Xiaohui and Moreno-Maza, Marc and Paudel, Jeeva and Xie, Ning},






This work deals with the optimization of computer programs targeting Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The goal is to lift, from programmers to optimizing compilers, the heavy burden of determining program details that are dependent on the hardware characteristics. The expected benefit is to improve robustness, portability and efficiency of the generated computer programs. We address these requirements by: (1) treating machine and program parameters as unknown symbols during code generation, and (2) generating optimized programs in the form of a case discussion, based on the possible values of the machine and program parameters. By taking advantage of recent advances in the area of computer algebra, preliminary experimentation yield promising results.
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